Don’t FOMO into Creating Life-Changing Wealth

I have recently come across Ran Neuner, of Crypto Banter, a crypto media business that is building 24/7/365 live programming. His YouTube channel and Twitter community seems very lively, active and engaged. As a new listener I have noticed that he is often referring to making LIFE-CHANGING WEALTH. That made me think and at this point we should all pull the break and take a sec or two to reflect on what making life-changing wealth really means.

My interpretation of making life-changing wealth means learning about crypto and investing, compounding, dollar-cost averaging, and all that other boring stuff. Fair enough, maybe I am missing the point here. Perhaps Ran’s spiel about making life-changing wealth is just click bait to entice us to invest in altcoins (also commonly referred to as shitcoins) with the hopes of striking gold (pun intended). Shit yeah, don’t we all want to be invested in that alt coin that does the 1000X?

I am definitely late to the Bitcoin party. What a bummer! To think that people were buying Bitcoin and Ethereum by the dollars in the early days while I was wasting my precious few bucks in a rundown Sydney pub is killing me. Now, it seems, many of these original cryptonites have so much wealth that they waste it on outrageously expensive NFTs. For example, someone just paid $1.8 million for a picture of a rock. Like WTF — and yet I cannot help but think that these crypto futurists are already playing their next brilliant chest move while us common folks dip and dabble in shitcoins.

If we interpret Ran’s comments about making life-changing wealth as an invitation of trying to pick the ONE alt coin that will send us to the moon (insert rocket emoji) then we open up ourselves to all kinds of dumbfuckery.

And by the way — this is not what Ran is saying! Just to make it clear!

A glaring example of this are the numerous, ever-evolving online scams that have befallen the crypto industry like a contemporary plague. Luckily, most of these idiots are just that — transparent as glass and subtle as wrecking balls, seemingly working from the same tired scammer’s playbook written about ten minutes after the invention of the internet. The sheer number of people attempting to scam us suggests, however, that it remains profitable.

So here it goes… scammer alert number one: If a famous hedge fund manager, or a crypto celebrity fails to fall at your doorstep in the real world, it is perhaps wise to ask yourself why the online world should be any different. It isn’t. If a famous crypto celebrity, for example, finds you on Twitter, says hi, and almost immediately offers trading advice (for no particular reason), then promises to make you rich… there is a 100% chance that this person is a scammer. Sorry, that’s just how it is.

Willy Woo, for instance, has an army of impersonators patrolling the cyber waves trying to scam you out of your precious coins. They have a webpage to report that btw (

Case in point, believe it or not Plan B contacted me the other day offering trading advice. Lucky me!

This clown had 11 followers so safe to assume that s/he was a scammer. Twitter handle had one o too many plus it didn’t help that s/he kept addressing me by Sir so for all you scammers out there stop addressing your potential victims with Sir. Dead giveaway — go for mate or bro — better chances.

Now granted, I got excited for a second after I saw a message from no other than Plan B. Common sense prevailed fairly quickly but that logical afterthought may not always be present, especially if you wearing your beer goggles i.e. the make life-changing wealth asap pump moon rocket goggles. A special chur goes out to my to my Doge army friends in this regard.

In conclusion, let’s not be dicks. Let’s be boring! Heck, let’s be reasonable. Let’s learn, invest and make logical choices. Don’t be scammed into thinking you can make life-changing wealth in a heartbeat. If an online celebrity, fake or not, makes an offer that seems too good to be true… it is.

PS just to make it clear: In no way am I saying that Ran Neuner is a scammer! I love his content so check out his content on Twitter or join the Crypto Banter community on YouTube! All I am saying is be careful and stay logical!

Happy mooning ya’ll!

Frei Bier




Hey! I’m Frei Bier. My writings are merely a reflection of my learning journey and my attempt to compartmentalize the cryptoverse.

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Frei Bier

Frei Bier

Hey! I’m Frei Bier. My writings are merely a reflection of my learning journey and my attempt to compartmentalize the cryptoverse.

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