Altcoins season: These alts will get your pecker to grow by 10.2 inches!

Frei Bier
6 min readOct 25, 2021


Make no mistake — we are definitely in the crypto bull run. What a delight! I have previously mentioned the Casino Royale Crypto Express, which I have coined synonymously to the crypto bull run. So ladies and gentleman take heed. The Casino Royale Crypto Express is about to depart! I have noticed a plethora of social media crypto gurus and arm chair experts have jumped on board to hype their altcoin picks so be sure to FOMO in. What can go wrong?

Below are some thumbnails of popular YouTube videos that are promising exorbitant returns.

To be sure I’d be more inclined to watch the last video. Heck, 2.000.000% ROI sounds fantastico! A picture of Elon Musk kind of legitimizes things further. I want in. BTW as I was browsing the latest altcoin vids I noticed a video made by Bitcoin Bros! What a cool name — definitely puts my Frei Bier to shame. Kudos to you my friend. As the FOMO sentiment is gaining traction, I have decided to ride the wave and thus my catchy title. Alts that grow your pecker — now we are talking!

In fact, I was going for an-all out FOMO title to capture your attention to attract max views. Going for 10 views this week — let’s go wild. That said, I felt a bit uneasy writing my title because I hate clickbaity vids and blog posts. I think it is fair to say that most of the stuff is rubbish. So here it goes…. if a moonboy YouTuber promises 2.000.000% ROI then s/he is either a genius or people believing this s*it are gullible idiots. Sadly, the aforementioned video has 24k views so dumbfuckery seems to be trendy.

Coincidentally, the retarded jester in the Game of Thrones books is also named Moonboy so go figure. Here is an additional thumbnail of a vid with 20k views as an encore — this retarded jester’s altcoin picks will surely send your portfolio of coins to the moon woohoo!

So back to the issue at hand: Which coins are we to buy? Which cryptocurrencies offer the most bang for your buck? That is the holy grail of portfolio allocation, isn’t it? It is not unreasonable to argue that most of your crypto holdings should be in Bitcoin (BTC) and/or Ethereumland (ETH) as these offer the best risk-reward ratio bar none. Plus, maybe a basket of large cap altcoins and if you really want to go nuts then pick a few small caps to satisfy your gambling addiction.

My biggest recommendation is to look at what the professional capital allocators are doing in this space. Just follow the money — it’s that simple.

Here is great video of a discussion of professional capital allocators:

I will do you one better. I realize that in this day and age people don’t want to bother with listening to boring portfolio construction vids. People just want to know what damn coin to buy. Fair enough — I will give you an alt coin pick that will send you to the moon (long term at least). Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum I really like the looks of Solana. Boom there you go, you can take that to the bank i.e. DEX it.

Solana is one of the fastest programmable blockchains in crypto right now. It’s also one of the many coins viewed as potential successors to the Ethereum throne. Long story short, Solana is a bit of an upgrade to Ethereum as it can process 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) or more. To put that in context, Ethereum currently processes 15 to 45 TPS. Below is a video of a nuanced discussion of Solana.

I might definitely be onto something as professional capital allocators are investing in Solana in droves. For example, the Wall Street investment firm Grayscale, which has $34.4 Billion in assets under management, has added Solana (SOL) and Uniswap (UNI) to its flagship Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund.

That is certainly interesting! To be sure, Grayscale are the big boys — pardon my sexist language here — how about they are the big guns i.e. the smart money. These guys definitely know what they are doing.

Next, I am going to hit you with a video of some other nifty capital allocators that that have a proven track record. These are none other than Raoul Pal, Mark Yusko, Ran Neuner, and Yoni Assia. The meeting of the titans having a Friday banter ay.

For those of you who can’t be arsed to watch the video I will provide this rudimentary summarize for your convenience. In particular, Raoul Pal is extremely bullish on Solana because everything is based on network effects. He uses a chart to illustrate that Solana is following the same price as Ethereum in 2016/17. It is basically all based on Metcalfe’s law. (You should dig into that if you are not familiar with this concept).

Source: Raoul Pal / GMI

I could follow this chart up with more research but the onus is on you. There is a ton of quality material out there that can make the case for Solana. Suffice to say that a narrative is emerging. The narrative is that professional capital allocators and industry insiders are bullish on Solana — period. Who am I to disagree and thus this is the reason why Solana is one of my biggest altcoin holdings. Just following the money baby.

Follow the big capital allocators!

Below is are the latest results from the Real Vision Exchange crypto currency survey. You can find more information on Twitter: @RealVisionBot. Solana at the three spot sounds about right.

In conclusion, I am not saying you should invest in Solana. What I am saying though is that you should not listen to moonboy YouTubers! I hate to say it but those lucrative ‘set for life’ recommendations are just that — clickbait. DYOR (do your own research) research and follow the smart money.

Happy altcoining ya’ll.

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